Conference Objectives:

Vietnam is currently in negotiations to join in Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP). This event opens many opportunities and challenges to Vietnamese businesses in expanding their relationship to the world market, and also puts challenges for their sustainability. In more general sense, these challenges come to all Asian Countries and other Pacific basin regions as these countries  integrate into open market. Businesses in these countries as well as financing, banking institutions must change their structure, corporate management, product/service quality, competitive positions to work effectively in a network of world businesses and to grow with the growths of economies. Lessons, thoughts or researches in these fields from the countries and businesses in this region are valuable and need to be shared for the development of all.


Hence, The State University of New Jersey Rutgers (USA) and The Saigon Technology University of Technology (Vietnam) have joined together to hold the International Conference on “Impacts of Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) on financial and banking services and management in Asian and other pacific basin regions and countries” on July 16th and 17th, 2015 at Saigon Technology University, Hochiminh City, Vietnam.

The objectives of the Conference are:

-To bring to Vietnam professors, experts in economic, financing, banking, and management fields, leaders in businesses who have deep understandings, experiences, thoughts, or researches on the impacts of TPP to the countries, businesses to organize a Conference to share with each other the knowledge, experiences, particularly, in the fields of financing, banking services, corporate management, privatization, risk management.

-To offer an opportunity to establish a network of professors, experts to share knowledge, research/ thought results and/or to perform joined researches.

-To provide businesses/institutions chances to meet and discuss with professors, experts for solutions/suggestions to their own matters. This will initiate links between academic institutions and businesses.

-To give Vietnamese Universities and Businesses/institutions more understandings each other and jointly prepare to overcome challenges when participation TPP.

Conference Scope:

The Conference will feature conceptual and empirical papers that examine the opportunities, challenges, and frontiers facing businesses/institutions in integration into TPP as well as manuscripts on experiences, thoughts in these matters. Subject areas might include, but are not limited so, the followings:

-The impacts of TPP to businesses/institutions in term of competition, products/service quality, knowledge, information, organizational structure, human resources, technologies, operational management, customer satisfactions, supply chains, logistics to name just a few.

-Advantages to businesses when operated in open markets, case studies on successful businesses when expanding from local market to world market.

-The criteria for a product/service to be of world market and requirements, especially, structure/performance of world class businesses.

-Lessons from businesses having operated in TPP with respect to competition, disputes, financing, banking, risk management, corporate governance…

-Changes needed to work in open market: financing, banking services, corporate governance, information/knowledge management, decision support systems…Scope and depth of changes of businesses/institutions, change practicability.

-Directions, suggestions for change process in businesses/institutions: Change models, change process management, objectives, and strategies…

-Financing and banking services: Debt & equity market, restructure, policies, venture capital, real estate finance, auditing, banking risk management…

-Practical situations facing Vietnamese businesses: Recognition of the situations, alternative solutions, and business improvements.

-Network of Asian pacific region businesses: Possibilities, advantages, challenges.

-Network of professors, experts: Possibilities, objectives, and roles in separate/jointly research as well as in supporting business development.


Some specific topics of interest are presented in following table.

Issue of TPP

Corporate Governance

Financing engineering

Executive Compensation Schemes.

Venture Capital

Market Microstructure

Financial Reform after Financial Crisis

Derivative Securities.

Debt & Equity Markets

Managed Funds

Bank Risk Management

New Basel Capital Accord



Business Policies

Management Information Systems


Auditing & Taxation

Contract Design & Financial Intermediation

Actuarial Science and Insurance

Lessons Learned from Bank Failure Management.

Financial Market & Economic Development

Real Estate Finance & Mortgaged – Backed Securities

Corporate Finance and Restructuring.

Style may include:

-Conceptual papers (for instance, reviewing trends or positioning new issues and models for financing, banking service, reform/restructuring, corporate governance, risk management, knowledge/information management, economic development…)

- Case studies (for examples, reporting best practices in corporate governance, financial/banking service provision, business/market restructuring, successful businesses in integration into open market, successful practices in Vietnam…).

Original research (for instance, marketing, distribution channel, logistics, knowledge acquisition, information management, customer service, world class manufacturing, banking/financing services for SMEs in open market…)